Amulet of the Elements

Keeper of the Elements
Book one of the Tales of Evernia



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About Evernia

The land of time within the floating ball of wonders. In A world where

mythical creatures run free. Where dragons and wolves become one, ruling together in one land. Led by Queen Hexonia and King Laxrindren Talon, Evernia is at peace. But when the Mated pair learn of an ancient stone that could grant them the fountain of youth. The Life mates begin A never ending wide spread search across all of Evernia to find it. As The king and Queen’s Army and search party grows, a war soon begins with one the Queen thought to be her brother. After spreading word of the stone to him in confidence her brother soon turns on her. Soon forming his own search party and beginning a never ending race to reach the stone. Along the way The Talon family meets many new creatures including lions, goblins, witches, and A unique species of warlocks. As the Talon Dynasty grow larger and stronger many wars are brewed. Forcing the mighty Dynasty to take time away from their excursion to locate the multi-colored gem. As tension grows between once loving siblings and Love is pushed to its breaking point Evernia fights for survival. When the two most powerful Royal families are at each others throats will they notice the destruction they are causing? Or will the family that locates the stone first use it for the ultimate evil? Only time will tell Will you join The Talon Dynasty’s fight for rightful use of the stone? Or be An on looker of the destruction? Perhaps those who join these mythical and mysterious dragons will be rewarded. Known for their Loyalty and Courage The Talons are unstoppable, and perhaps one day be immortal. If This interests you join The Talon Army today.







The Eternal Gemstone

While this stone is the key to many doors in Evernia, it's true purpose has been forgotten. According to Legend only the just shall find it and be able to use it for its true power. But will it reveal itself in time before it to is destroyed?

The  Floating Castle of The Elders

After Years Of being tucked away in an Ancient Marble castle. The Dragon elders have been awoken, after remaining in slumber for almost four thousand winters. Queen Hexonia's royal family awake to aid her in her race to find the Eternal stone. Though they have incredible magical abilities, they are old and have not been in war in centuries. Even after years of hiding the Elders are still being hunted by the water dragons of Emerald Isle. In order to reach their kin In Evernia without being spotted, The elder's take the form large serpents. Along the way they run into A pack of hellhounds.

Vicious and manipulative they oddly side with the elders after a long story the elders spoke. As the pack Of more then twenty hellhounds and fifteen elders make their way to Evernia, Disaster strikes. Forcing the new allies to bond together to save each others lives, possibly giving away their cover.....



Hidden Den of The Gates.

Not for the faint of heart. Used for the darkest of black magic, this once sacred place was thought to be in ruin. Until it was reborn by the hands of A woman so great even the creator himself feared her name. She to this day walks in the light, but is camouflaged by the night.


Love is stronger than hate, as well as evil. In the darkest of times love is the light. It will show you the path towards truth. When I look into your eyes I see Love. And upon my death it will lead me back to you." Queen Hexonia Talon.

The Tyliquins

Once A large an powerful race of witches The Tyliquins were killed almost to the point of extinction. Thought to be non existent in the Lands of Evernia and its surrounding areas,. The Tyliquins were secretly making a comeback. After years of hiding from Dragons the witches continued deeper into their studies of old and new magic. After being bribed with protection from The dark dragon king , the witches allied with him. Thus giving him another breed of creature to bring down his now hated sister Hexonia. Leading the kings men closer to the Eternal stone by ways of magic will the witches remain loyal to their once brutal enemy / Or will they use the dragons protection to destroy them?….

The Blood Claw Hound Pack

After being cast out of the deepest part of hell, The blood Claw Hellhounds take refuge

Upon earthly soil. Beginning with seven Pureblood hounds each male in gender, the Hounds had no choice but to mix there pure bloodlines with those of other like species. Over the period of Ten springs The Blood Claw Clan grew from single digits to hundreds. Soon splitting off to different lands to grow further. Creating a super breed of colossal hounds, Fast, courageous , intelligent, strong and bold The Blood Claw is a breed to be envied.



The Mystical Tribeentions

Worshipers of the mighty dragon, The Tribeentions remained in the shadows of the dragon for many years. Though they are just as strong as the beings in which they worship, years of brainwashing by dragons have handicapped them. Masters of magic and mind control The Tribeentions were the royal servants of the Dragon. Many of the young wizards took leave of Evernia years ago, seeking a life free from serving the beasts their elders so deeply loved. As the young wizards parted a fued began between their people soon causing A war. The Dragons not pleased with loosing their loyal worshipers , banded together with the elder Tribeentions in an attempt to wipe them out all together. The young wizards live in fear of being discovered till this day but hold the greatest power, A power Queen Hexonia seeks…

The Black Death

The moving cloud of death and destruction moves steadily over Evernia. Claiming lives and land, the sheet of darkness grows stronger and larger with each passing day. As land, water and sky are lost will there be enough time to rid the world of the darkness within the traveling smoke? 

Zacura BloodClaw

Leader of The BloodClaw hounds Zacura is A fearless and strong Mixblood. Taught to believe she would grow to be nothing more but an Alpha Zacura finds out her upbringing was completely wrong. Never would she have thought A single birthmark could mean so much, in such A short period of time.


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Maerick BlackBlaze

 A brash yet suave dragon in his own way ,Maerick Blackblaze has yet to be understood. Living in solitude for many years Maerick was beginning to feel lonely. Until one day when  A strangely attractive creature crosses his path, and soon captures more then his wild heart. 

Manuke Jeifer The Father of Wisdom

Holder Of the amulet and the secret to Evernia's survival Manuke awaits the Keeper's rise. Aproaching his death date and with little time to spare he searches for the very being the legend tells of. But who he find is not what he expected. Old and wise this this wolven packs an extreme punch, and extreme ability. But he is not without his own  dark secrets. 

The Dragon King

Brother too Queen Hexonia The Dragon king rules alone in his own territory. Once A  loving and loyal Razorwing, the king turned cold and unfeeling after years of neglect from he and his sisters father. Hell bent on blood and domination the king hires aid to bring his sister to her knees. But is he truly evil? Or simply misunderstood?


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